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The Project was first identified in 1993 as part of the Small Hydropower Master Plan. The initial capacity of the Project was 2.8 MW which was later optimized at 20 MW. The feasibility study of the project (20 MW) was completed by Lamjung Electricity Development Company (LEDCO) in the year 2000.

In October 2006, BPC and LEDCO had an understanding to develop the NHP together. BPC acquired this project from LEDCO in December 27, 2006. As per agreement made between BPC and LEDCO, Nyadi Hydropower Limited (NHL) was established on 2063/11/17 (01/03/2007) to undertake the NHP independently. The project is being developed through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), by Nyadi Hydropower Limited with BPC as a major stakeholder. With further investigation, the project was optimized at 30 MW for which a new feasibility study was carried out. Feasibility study of NHP (30 MW) was completed by NHL in October 2010.

The below table shows the completed milestones of the project

S.N. Milestones Date
1 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Project Dec 23, 1999
2 Supplementary Initial Environment Examination (SIEE) of the Project Aug 01, 2011
3 Electricity Generation License Feb 27, 2013
4 Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) May 26, 2015
5 Financial Closure or facility agreement Feb 03, 2016
6 Contract for the Government land lease and Tree Cutting approval signed with Ministry of Forestry & Soil Conservation Mar 16, 2016
7 Financial Consultant appointed: A tripartite agreement between NHL, EBL and T.N Acharya & Co., Chartered Accountants Dec 2, 2016
8 Required Commercial Operation Date (RCOD) extended up to April 18, 2020 Dec 26, 2016
9 EPC Contract Agreement with ZHCIC for Lot 1: Civil works and Hydro-mechanical works Including Electro-mechanical works Jan 16, 2017
10 EIA of Transmission Line Approved Mar 29, 2017
11 Client Consulting Services – Employer’s Representatives for Lot-1 and Lot-2 Apr 07, 2017
12 Technical Consultant appointed: A tripartite agreement between NHL, EBL and Jade Consult P. Ltd. Jun 27, 2017
13 132 kV Transmission line License Jun 29, 2017
14 EPC Contract Agreement with Urja International P. Ltdfor 132 kV Transmission Line Works (Lot II) Jul 12, 2018

The major construction of the project commenced on March 22, 2017 with the mobilization of the Contractor, Zhejiang Hydropower Construction and Installation Co, Ltd (ZHCIC) at site. Contractor has completed about 90% of mobilization till date. All equipment and staff have been mobilized in the site.

nyadi location map

Fact Sheet

Project Type Run-of River
Project Location Head Work site - Lamjung district, Marsyangdi Rural Municipality-6, Naiche village
Power House site- Lamjung district, Marsyangdi Rural Municipality-6, Thulibeshi village
Installed Capacity 30 MW
Annual Energy Generation 168.5 GWh
Design Discharge 11.02 Cumec at Q40
Gross Head 333.90 m
Head Race Tunnel 3937 m
Power Evacuation Inter-connection will be made to the 220 kV Marsyangdi Corridor trunk line planned by NEA at Tarikuna Substation, 6 km from the Power house site of Nyadi Hydropower Project.
Access to site Power house site is at Thulobeshi village which is about 6 km away from Thakanbeshi point at Besisahar-Manang Highway. 
Headworks Site is further 5 km away from power house. The site can be reached within 6 hours drive from Kathmandu or Birgunj. 
Birganj (Raxaul) or Bhairahawa (Sunauli) is the nearest border town to India having broad gauge railway link.

Contact Details

Nyadi Hydropower Limited
BPC Complex 
Ganga Devi Marg – 313, Buddhanagar, 
P.O.Box: 26040, Kathmandu 
Tel: +977-1-4785736, 4781776, 4785295 
Fax: +977-1-4780994 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.