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Nyadi Hydropower Limited (NHL) is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to own, develop and operate 30 MW Nyadi Hydropower Project (NHP). NHP is a run-of-river type project, located in Lamjung District of Western Development Region of Nepal. The entire component from intake to powerhouse are located within the Ward no. 6 of Marsyangdi Rural Municipality, Lamjung District.

The project has an installed capacity of 30 MW and will generate 168.55 GWh of energy annually. The gross head of the project is 333.9 m and design discharge of the project is 11.02 m3/s. Inter-connection will be made to the 220 kV Marsyangdi Corridor transmission line under-construction by NEA at Tarikuna Substation, 6 km from the Power house site of Nyadi Hydropower Project. A 14m diversion dam has been constructed across the Nyadi River to divert water from intake to underground settling basin and the water is conveyed through 3840 m long headrace tunnel and 770 m long penstock pipe. A surface powerhouse has been constructed on the right bank of Nyadi River at Thulobeshi village. About 481 m long adit tunnels which include Adit 1 (Flushing Tunnel), Adit 2 (Naiche Adit), and Penstock Tunnel have been constructed. Surge shaft has been constructed near the end of the headrace tunnel having diameter of 5.0 m and 35 m height.

Hydro-Consult Engineering Limited (HCEL) has been appointed as the Employer’s Representative for this project. Debt arrangement for the Project has been made under the joint Consortium of member banks (Lead by Everest Bank Ltd., Co-lead Nabil Bank Ltd. and Global IME Bank Ltd, and other member banks are Himalayan Bank Ltd, Sunrise Bank Ltd, Hydropower Investment and Development Co. Ltd.). The EPC contact has been awarded to the Contractor M/S Zhejiang Hydropower Construction & Installation Co. Ltd (ZHCIC) and working on the project since January 16, 2017 and is scheduled to be completed by the middle of 2020 due to delays primarily caused by COVID-19 effects and lockdowns.

As of end of September 2020, the Contractor Zhejiang Hydropower Construction and Installation Co, Ltd. (ZHCIC) has accomplished the following construction works:

  • Construction of access roads connecting all project sites.
  • Construction of adit tunnels and associated portals.
  • The 300-meter-long Diversion Tunnel with its concreted inlet and outlet is in operation now ie. water is diverting through Diversion Tunnel.
  • Construction of Coffer Dam has also been completed.
  • Concreting of dam, Curtain walls, intake tunnel is completed.
  • Excavation of all underground works for Access tunnels, adit tunnels, headrace tunnel, settling basin, surge shaft, ventilation tunnel and connecting tunnel.
  • Concreting of surge shaft.
  • Excavation for penstock alignment, Penstock fabrication and laying, construction of anchor blocks.
  • River protection works at powerhouse site and construction of tailrace.
  • Concreting works of powerhouse and structural component of hydro-mechanical and Electromechanical joints and casings.
  • Employer’s permanent housing.
  • Works related to Corporate Social Responsibility

Ongoing Works:

  • Stilling basin
  • Lining of headrace tunnel.
  • Substation.
  • Installations of E/M equipment.
  • Installations of Switchyard equipment.
  • Installations of H/M parts.
  • Tower Foundation excavation and concreting, fabrication, transportation and erection of 132 kV Transmission line tower.
  • Siuri diversion system.

NHL has been carrying on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) works for the project affected people as per the demand of local people recommended by Concerned Committee (The Sarokar Samiti) for Nyadi Hydropower Project (NHP).

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P.O.Box: 26040, Kathmandu 
Tel: +977-1-4795736, 4791776, 4795295
Fax: +977-1-4790994 
Website: http://nhl.com.np/
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