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Jhimruk Hydropower Plant is under operation since 1994 with an installed capacity of 12 MW. The power plant has 3 Horizontal Francis turbines of 4 MW capacities each. This project was also built under the aegis of UMN. The powerhouse is semi-underground and is located on the bank of the Madi River. The Jhimruk Power Plant is also a basin transfer plant wherein water from Jhimruk River is drawn and after generation of power is discharged into Madi River.

The power generated by the plant is being transmitted to NEA 132 kV Substation at Lamahi through 41 km 132 kV line. It also supplies power to local NEA’s consumers in Pyuthan, Rolpa and Arghakhachi Districts in addition to its own consumers in these districts. The project was financed by NORAD through UMN and Government of Nepal.

Fact Sheet

Location Darimchaur, Pyuthan District, Province No. 5, Midwestern Nepal
Type Run of the river with daily pondage
Capacity 12 MW
Head 205 M
Annual Energy Generation 72 GWh
Interconnection Point 132 kV Substation at Lamahi
CoD 17 August 1994